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Instructional Design Reinvented

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instructional design subscriptions to cut costs, accelerate progress, and grow your team

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Pause or cancel anytime

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With over 30 years of combined experience teaching and designing learning for adults across a variety of industries, we provide insight and solutions that work.
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Instructional Design as a Service

Applying adult learning principles and instructional design best practices to create a variety of resources for you to run a mixture of talent development opportunities from facilitated workshops and online workshops, to seminars, just-in-time training, and train-the-trainer events.

Workshop design

Learning goals

Lesson plans

Facilitator resources

Participant handouts

Slide decks

Learning materials

Group activities

Job aids

Training materials

Reference guides







Module design

Learning objectives

Course outlines



Learning activities


We use your style guide and your branding to create content that belongs to you.

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Designing learning
as you need it 
is here.

Subscribe and make as many requests as needed.

Receive your requested work in an average of two business days.

Request revisions until you are completely satisfied.

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Recent Work

PowerPoint Training Materials

Two PowerPoint slides. TH=he first showing poor design and the second showing proper design for learning purposes.

Common Problem

Text heavy: difficult to engage with and to retain this information


Images: engage attention and increase retention

Where we come in

Why WorkWise Design

Fixed Monthly Rate

No surprises, just reliability.

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Rapid Turnaround

Something tangible in your hands in about 48 hours.

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Completely Asynchronous

You input your requests and we get to work - no unnecessary meetings.

Flexible & scalable

Fits your current needs; fits your changing needs.

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Instructional Design as a Service



$2499 / month


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What's included:

  • One priority at a time

  • Average 48 hour delivery

  • Unlimited project requests

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Pause or cancel anytime


$4999 / month


What's included:

  • Two priorities at a time

  • Average 48 hour delivery

  • Unlimited project requests

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Pause or cancel anytime

Learn more about how WorkWise Design

can help you

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Your questions answered

How is WorkWise
better than
hiring an ID
on my own team?
  • Hiring someone in house requires on-boarding, training, a salary, and benefits and you may not need someone full time for your instructional design needs.

  • We support all instructional design tasks on an as needed basis; you can pause your subscription when you don’t have requests and start it up again when it suits you.

Are there instructional design tasks
you don't do?
  • In general we don't do the following:

    • work within your LMS

    • create learning objects using e-learning authoring tools

    • film videos

Who owns the content you create for clients?
  • You do. Everything is owned by the client and can be edited and revised for different purposes and needs.

Can my requests be revised?
  • Absolutely. We take your feedback and edits to revise until you are completely satisfied.

  • Nothing is completed until you approve it.

  • You can pause your subscription any time  for up to six months. Send us a message to let us know you would like to pause.

  • You can resume any time, and your membership will automatically resume after six months unless you cancel it.

How do I
pause my subscription?
What branding and style guides do you use?
  • Yours, if you have them.

  • If you don't, we can provide template style guides to support your instructional design needs.

Do you work with our existing Training and Development team?
  • Absolutely. We can take on entire projects or parts of them, to support your team as needed.

Can I get
a refund?
  • Our services are non-refundable, as we are committed to ensuring a consistent and high quality of service.

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